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At Oatway Design, we’re thrilled to announce our latest project, where we’ve truly packed a punch in revolutionising sustainable engineering solutions. Joining forces with the incredible Bodmin Amateur Boxing Club, we’ve unleashed our boundless energy and expertise to deliver knockout renovations for their brand-new facilities!

Our latest triumph? We were approached by the charity behind the incredible Bodmin Amateur Boxing Club who reached out to explore ways to reduce their energy footprint as they expand their facilities. As a grass roots sports charity they wanted to divert as much cash to the building refurbishments and as a gesture to the Cornish community we’ve agreed a pro bono deal with the club and the opportunity to showcase our fearless approach to sustainable solutions. 

We’ve proposed championship level heating and ventilation solutions for their expanding premises, ensuring optimal functionality while minimising environmental impact.

With a dynamic combination of cutting-edge heating and ventilation systems that hits with the force of a heavyweight champion we’ve designed an energy-efficient powerhouse that guarantees exceptional heating and ventilation performance, aligning perfectly with the club’s sustainability goals.

But here’s the real punchline: our sustainable engineering solutions don’t back down, no matter the building type or challenge or cash pockets. With an unwavering commitment to eco-friendly practices, we fearlessly tackle every project, from residential to commercial and beyond. Sustainability is our corner, and we’re ready to go the distance!

Join us ringside as we celebrate this remarkable pro bono collaboration and showcase the power of sustainable design in action. Together with Bodmin Boxing Club, we’re creating facilities that are a true knockout—elevating performance, efficiency, and environmental stewardship to championship levels.

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