In 2014, after two decades of working in the industry Managing Director Stephan Oatway took over the reins for the company from his father. The company had operated for a very successful 22 years trading as D&J Oatway. This gave Oatway Design Ltd a really solid foundation and Stephan wanted to build on that success by freshening the image of the company to bring the company to the forefront of the industry by renaming, rebranding and developing our service.

Our engineers have worked on high profile and large scale projects to simple extensions in most industries. We have developed a strong reputation locally for building good working relationships and for identifying creative solutions that fit with project timescales, budgets and the clients’ ambitions. Our engineers are good trouble-shooters and will tenaciously work towards the best outcome for the project and client.

In growing the business from its humble roots, Stephan has built a dynamic expert team who have the same values for excellence and responsiveness. They similarly bring decades of experience and a hunger to keep pushing for fresh designs that achieve that elusive blend of finance and sustainability.

What Next

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