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Oatway Design is proud to have partnered with Somerset County Council on a strategic M&E (Mechanical & Electrical) services condition survey of 15 corporate buildings, providing valuable insights to inform their property management and asset budget planning.

Project Overview:

Somerset County Council underwent a significant transition, merging district authorities and expanding their asset base. To facilitate efficient asset management, they commissioned an M&E condition survey to assess the age and condition of the M&E plant and services across their corporate buildings.

Our Role:

Oatway Design led the M&E condition survey, utilising our expertise to evaluate and document the condition of critical building systems. Our comprehensive assessment helped Somerset County Council prioritise maintenance and investment strategies, supporting their long-term property management plan.

Delivering Impact:

By conducting our detailed M&E surveys, we empowered Somerset County Council to make informed decisions about asset maintenance and strategic investments. Our survey findings laid the foundation for a multi-year property management plan, optimising resources and ensuring the continued functionality of council facilities.

Join Us on the Journey:

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