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Rogers of Plymouth have been a feature of Brixton in Devon for 80 years, selling various models of new and used cars. Due to increasing car sales the Client decided to extend and refurbish their existing KIA showroom.

Oatway Design Ltd were approach by the Design team and Rogers of Plymouth (Client), to provide the RIBA Stages 2 – 5 (Inclusive) mechanical and electrical design services for the project. We worked very close with the Client and the design team to ensure the Clients requirements were meet whilst working within the KIA corporate standards.

After completing the initial survey and design team meetings, it was apparent the Clients vision was for a light comfortable showroom to highlight the vehicles and to ensure the customers felt comfortable whilst within the showroom. An upgrade and refurbishment of the vehicle preparation bays were also required, to ensure staff were provided with suitable heating and lighting to allow them to complete the vehicle preparation works to a high standard.

Our design for the showroom area consisted of suitable high efficiency low energy LED lighting throughout the area and feature lighting around the vehicle show plinths, suitable small power and DATA/WIFI for the sales staff and customers, high efficient ventilation heat recovery systems and concealed air conditioning systems. With the vehicle preparation areas having a suitable radiant heating system designed to suit the products used and to comply with their COSHH regulations and suitable lighting etc.


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