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In the urgent quest for net-zero emissions, schools and academies play a pivotal role. 

At Oatway Design, we proudly celebrate our collaboration with schools across the south west, to deliver decarbonisation studies focusing on practical, cost-effective sustainable upgrades.

We pride ourselves on tailoring our work to fit with our clients, their buildings and their budgets. These studies demonstrate that reducing carbon emissions is not just essential; it’s achievable. For schools especially, practical sustainability is critical and our reports show that eco-friendly practices make sense. Together we can enhance energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and achieve significant cost savings with a range of interventions including renewable energy sources and low carbon alternatives for heating and lighting. 

As a design team, our approach emphasises practicality and cost-effectiveness without compromising on the broader impacts. A decarbonisation review can empower community settings such as schools, care settings and cultural assets to cut emissions while being budget-conscious. 

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