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As a leading design engineering consultancy, we welcome the UK Government’s “Future Homes and Buildings Standards: 2023” consultation. This initiative signifies a major move towards reducing carbon emissions and enhancing energy efficiency in new homes and non-domestic buildings.

Our Perspective:
We commend the government’s dedication to establishing ambitious standards for new constructions. The emphasis on high fabric standards, low-carbon heating, and notably, the integration of solar PV systems in non-domestic buildings, resonates with our commitment to sustainable design solutions.

Balancing Cautious Optimism with Realistic Challenges:
While we are enthusiastic about these developments, we are also mindful of the challenges they pose. Transitioning to stricter building standards necessitates a balance between environmental responsibility and the practicalities of implementation and cost.

Our Role and Commitment:
Our expertise lies in seamlessly incorporating sustainable technologies like air source heat pumps and solar PV systems. These are key under the new standards, especially in non-domestic buildings. Our mission is to ensure that our designs are not only eco-friendly but also practical and economically viable.

Looking Ahead:
We see the consultation period as a critical chance to share our knowledge and collaborate with other industry stakeholders. We are eager to engage in this essential dialogue and contribute to shaping a sustainable construction future.

The “Future Homes and Buildings Standards: 2023” consultation is a progressive step by the UK Government. We remain cautiously optimistic about its impact and are dedicated to supporting our clients through these transformative changes.


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