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At Oatway Design, we’re firing up our creativity to support Taunton Library’s boiler room refurbishment project, bringing warmth and efficiency to this literary hub.

Project Overview:

Taunton Library is turning a new leaf with a critical upgrade to replace existing in efficient boilers, pumps, valves, controls system etc. Oatway Design is here to ensure this project runs like a well-oiled machine.

Our Design Approach:

Oatway Design is leading the charge in the RIBA Stage 4a (Technical Design) phase, which includes:

  1. Conducting a thorough site survey to assess the existing services and conditions. We’re getting into the nitty-gritty to understand what makes this system tick.
  2. Crafting an enhanced mechanical services design that’s tailor-made for the boiler room refurbishment. We’re putting our engineering prowess to work to optimise efficiency and reliability.
  3. Producing detailed mechanical services drawings and project specifications that will guide the implementation phase like a well-written story.

Driving Efficiency:

Our goal is to stoke the flames of energy efficiency and operational reliability. By upgrading the building critical systems, we’re turning up the heat on comfort and sustainability at Taunton Library.

Join Us on the Journey:

Follow along as Oatway Design turns up the heat at Taunton Library. Together, we’re rewriting the story of efficiency and sustainability through strategic engineering expertise.


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