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At Oatway Design, we’re diving headfirst into an exciting project with Tregoad Holiday Park to transform their indoor swimming pool area into a luxurious getaway for luxury members and staycationers alike.

Project Overview:

Our goal? To make a splash by reimagining Tregoad Holiday Park’s pool areas into a haven of relaxation and upscale charm whilst utilising renewable energy.

Our Design Approach:

Oatway Design is leading the charge in designing the mechanical and electrical services for this project. Our design focusses on the environment of the pool area overall, working in partnership with specialist pool equipment designers.

Driving Innovation:

We’re not just treading water—our innovative designs prioritise renewable energy, energy efficiency and guest comfort. We’re making waves with cutting-edge solutions such as climate and humidity controlled renewable source and equipment, fabric air systems that drive new standards for holiday park amenities.

Join Us on the Journey:

Follow along as we turn Tregoad Holiday Park’s pool areas into a poolside paradise. Together, we’re creating a destination that embodies excellence in design and hospitality, making a splash in the world of luxury staycations.


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