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Oatway Design is proud to have been entrusted with the development of an exclusive and sensitive exterior lighting scheme for a prestigious wine storage centre. Our goal was to create a sophisticated lighting solution that not only enhances security but also respects and preserves the surrounding natural environment.

Project Overview:

We were approached to design an exterior lighting scheme for a highly exclusive wine storage centre, taking into consideration the sensitive nature of the site and the importance of minimising environmental impact, including concerns related to bats and biodiversity.

Our Approach:

Oatway Design conducted a thorough analysis and design process, focusing on RIBA Stage 4 Electrical Service Design to meet stringent planning requirements. Our scope included:

  1. Developing a detailed lighting strategy and scheme that prioritises dark corridors and minimises light spillage into adjacent woodland areas.
  2. Designing lighting solutions with lux levels no greater than 0.5 along woodland edges, ensuring minimal disruption to local wildlife.
  3. Strategically positioning lighting fixtures to reduce overall light levels within the site, promoting biodiversity and environmental stewardship.

Driving Sustainability:

We’re committed to sustainability and biodiversity conservation. Our exterior lighting scheme not only meets regulatory requirements but also supports the wine storage centre’s future expansion plans while minimising the ecological footprint.

Join Us on the Journey:

Follow along as Oatway Design continues to pioneer innovative solutions that balance commercial needs with environmental responsibility. Together, we’re demonstrating that business growth can coexist harmoniously with nature.


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